International Conference on Disruptive Human Resource Management

Human Resources (HR) in contemporary organizations is changing rapidly due to newer technologies disrupting the old ways of traditional HR. Early in the 1980s, as computers were introduced to the world, HR services used the new tools to create databases. Subsequently, the use of computers for processing data and usage of custom-built HR software for analyses have increased in sophistication over time to such an extent that today we have augmented intelligence tools to mine data and provide insights. Such disruptive technologies and increasing cloud storage capabilities enable handling of large amounts of data and thereby materially changing the very nature of the HR job. HR executives are now increasingly part of corporate strategy formulation as compared to past roles of providing support for strategy implementation. Moreover, organizations have access to cutting edge and yet easy to use technology that can be incorporated in organizational HR systems. Human Resources Information Systems that collect, store, and analyze people data are beginning to view the role of people analytics and other related technologies favourably as they provide new, timely and objective insights which aid in bringing about a transformational change in the roles of HR.
The objective of Disruptive Human Resource Management: People, Technology and Strategy (DHRM-2024) is to provide a platform for the academicians/ researchers and policy makers to come up with recent developments the emerging, disruptive technologies areas of HR functions and of people analytics for organizational effectiveness.
The International Conference on Disruptive Human Resource Management: People, Technology and Strategy (DHRM) is being organized by Interscience Research Network (IRNet) at Bhubaneswar. DHRM-2024is going to take place at Interscience Institute of Management and Technology (IIMT), Bhubaneswar during January 13th - 14th, 2024.